SWMP music was founded in 2017 by Sebastian Watzinger and Michiel van Poelgeest. They met at a Soundtrack Cologne convention years before, and soon discovered they shared a dream: creating mind-blowing original music for film and advertising. And so the SWMP story began. But who are we, really?

Sebastian is an experienced US-based composer/producer, who has worked for esteemed clients such as BMW, McDonalds and Louis Vuitton. He will crunch those frequencies until his German ears can't take it anymore. And then do it some more, always striving for perfection in production.

Michiel is a first class composer and songsmith - born and raised in the Netherlands - with an impressive background in songwriting and performing, having released several studio albums as well as contributing to countless other releases. His lyrics taste sweet and his melodies make you ask for seconds. 

As a team, SWMP goes bananas in writing authentic, original songs for any type of film. Now click the bananas.

We like to work with musical talent.

We work with talented vocalists and musicians, to ensure a wide variety of authentic creativity. Typically, these are people we know personally and enjoy working with. To name a few: Wouter Mol (vocalist), St. Maane (vocalist), Olivia Christou (vocalist), Marloes van Reijzen (vocalist), Tim Eijmaal (vocalist), Lucas Meijers (guitarist), Alex Ouwehand (guitarist). Should we add yours?